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Millburn Medical Center

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The medical professional a ready to go, fully operational medical office without the risk expense and commitment necessary when starting or expanding one's practice.

Strategically located and easily accessible to all major area highways

Beautifully furnished offices, consultation rooms and clean modern exam rooms.

This attractive one story free standing building offers an abundance of parking,

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Receptionist/front desk staff

 This is a services we offer where we have people who you can call to make an appointment or call for any information you may need about Millburn Medical Center 

Telephone, fax & copy services

This is a services we offer such as the use of the telephone, fax, and copy service we have to offer to help send or copy any medical information you may need at your visit here.

Staff kitchen area

This is a services we offer, it is a room where we have where our staff can go and take a break from their work for a little bit and enjoy a nice meal they have brought or that someone has brought in for the stuff to enjoy.

Nursing Station

One of the services we offer is a nursing station were the that we have of staff work.

Doctor's Office

One of the services we offer is personal office for our doctor where you can go in sit down and talk to the doctor after your visit. 

Patient Waiting Rooms

One of of the services we offer is clean and quiet waiting while you are waiting to see the the doctors the nurses on stuff.

Examination Rooms

This is a services we offer where it is room with a table and the doctor or nurse comes in and checks you.

Space Available

This is showing how many examination rooms and the waiting room and the exam examination test we offer.

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Internal & Adolescent Medicine
Diplomates of the American Board of Internal Medicine